Frequently Asked Questions

These are ten questions that I get asked frequently. If you don't find your answer here, feel free to give me a call or email me. See the contact page for my contact information.




What kind of clothes or materials can I use?

Just about any type of material can be used to create your special bear. Be aware, though, that some materials may require extra time while sewing, and/or require a lining that would strengthen the fabric. Its best to work with are materials that do not stretch, are not silky/slippery, or materials that are not too thin. However, if those are the pieces of clothes that are the most special to you, I will still do my best to create your special bear from them, or incorporate them into the design.


Favorite jeans, corduroy, fleece, sweaters, sweatshirts, cotton, khaki, a favorite shirt, suit and tie,  house coat, flannel pajamas, pants, table cloths, linens, night gowns, graduation gowns, brides maid dresses, Baptism outfits, baby clothes or a child’s favorite play clothes. The stiffness and/or softness of each bear will depend upon the fabric provided.

If you would like a Baby Bear, we can use receiving blankets, onesies, and even maternity clothing. A collection of fabric pieces, i.e. infant clothing, may be combined for a patchwork bear. For a patchwork bear, the pieces must be of similar materials.

Do I need to wash the material?

This depends on your preference. You may want them freshly washed. Or, you may want them to retain your loved one’s scent, perfume or cologne. You should inspect the material thoroughly. If the materials you send happen to be stained or dirty, the stain or dirt will most likely end up on the bear. If this is not agreeable to you then you should launder the material before you send it to be crafted into a bear.



How much material do you need for a bear?

The short answer is two adult shirts of coordinating colors, if you want the jacket to match the bear. Some people are not concerned about the materials coordinating or matching. That is okay too. One adult shirt is enough material to make one complete bear. However, if you want your bear to be made of more than one material, I will need the equivalent of approximately one yard of material. In addition, you will need to send another piece of clothing for me to make the jacket. If you do not have enough material to make one complete bear, I can add my material to it if you prefer. Remember, you are not limited to shirts, but that will give you a visual of how much I need as a minimum.


Are your bears made for children?

These bears are not made for children because of the choking hazard of the button eyes or other small items used. However, if I know in advance, I can make them safer for children by using safety lock eyes and reinforcing all stitching and materials. I do need to know this on the order form.






How long does it take to make my bear?

Current turnaround time is approximately 3-4 weeks. After your materials and deposit arrive here, your order is put on the list in the sequence it was received. The time depends on how many orders are ahead of your order. Large orders and orders received during peak holiday times increase wait time. Rush orders can usually be accommodated.

What if I need my bear sooner, for a special occasion?

Please just let me know. When you contact me, let me know how soon you will need your Bear. I will let you know right away if I can add you to my Rush Order list and get the Bear to you for your special occasion or not.


I have my material chosen, what do I do now?


Clearly fill out the order form that I will email you to. Place the material, order form and a $25 deposit for each bear ordered, in a box and send it to me with the address I provide. I recommend using a tracking number for your package. You may also use the handy PayPal option on the Payment page to send your deposit.


How do I pay?

You can pay with cash, Money Order paid to the order of Lisa Tingle, or Cashier’s Check. I also have a PayPal account so that you can pay with most major credit cards, such as Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover.


After I've sent you everything, then what?


When I receive your package, I will send you a confirmation email. I will look over the garments, the order form, and if I have any questions I’ll contact you. At that time I will also calculate the exact total price, including shipping and request that you please send it in at that time. When I receive your payment, your bear’s process will begin. You can contact me at any time to check on the status of your bear’s creation timeline.


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