Giving people who grieve something to hold on to.

I can design a special bear just for you...​


When my Mother, Sheila, passed away, the hospice she was in offered a Memory Bear program. However, we thought all of her clothing had been accidentally donated and that we lost our opportunity with making bears. Four months later as I was going through her suitcases which I thought were empty, I found some of her clothing. I didn't want to bother the hospice, so I thought that I should just do it myself. Within six weeks, I had sewn up five bears and was thrilled to be able to send one to each of my siblings. A couple of weeks later, I had finished four more bears and was able to send one to each of my Mother's sisters and one of her closest nieces. As I was making them and showing them to my friends, several people said they wanted me to make one for them. I made the first Baby Bear with my girlfriend's granddaughter's receiving blankets and all of a sudden had orders to make more bears.

Much to my delight, Sheila Bears was born!          


Memory Bears,  Memorial Bears, Bereavement Bears, Comfort Bears or Cuddle Bears.

These bears can also be made for any occasion to remember a loved one or a special occasion.

Birthday Bears, College Bears, Occupation Bears, Retirement Bears, Wedding Bears, Graduation Bears, Friendship Bears, Baby Bears.